"Gula-Gula" charms and pendants. Gadis Manis means the "sweet girl". Malaysians have a passion for food and their desserts are sweet and colourful. Malacca even gave its name to a type of sugar used in traditional recipes - "Gula Melaka" (cane sugar).

We created our sweet recipe:
Take 2 table spoons of beauty. In 1 bowl of culture, fold 3 hands of friendship. Mix everything with 10 grams of sterling silver and enamel. Voila, you get a limited edition set of 9 colourful "Gula-Gula" charms and pendants.

These pendants and charms are designed by Gadis Manis Malaysia and created by artist J. Yun of Penang. You can buy our silver chains or wear them on your own charm bracelets or chains.

Pendants and silver chains: RM 190
Charms: RM 190

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